Back to the Farm: MacKinnon Brothers Beer and Music Festival is a big ol’ field party with live music, craft beer, food trucks and more! Join us for our fourth annual festival on our beautiful farm & brewery in Bath, ON on Sunday, August 19, 2018. 

BREWERY TOURS (by donation, see below)
GAMES (giant Jenga, foosball, frisbee, badminton, and more!)

Q. What if it rains?
A. You’ll get wet. It’s a rain or shine event!

Q. What’s the story with parking?
A. It’s free, it’s plentiful, and it’s right on site! You can park overnight if you need to, though we prefer that you plan ahead and take a shuttle bus or travel with a designated driver. We have a really big field for parking, so don’t park on the side of the road. We aren’t responsible for any damage or theft to vehicles in our parking lot, so keep valuables out of site.

Q. Shuttle buses, eh? Tell us more.
A. We’ll have details for this year’s shuttle bus plan soon.


Q. When are the brewery tours?
A. Brewery tour details will be announced soon.

Q. Is there camping?
A. No, but we hope to add camping to future festivals. Hope this helps.

Q. Are children allowed?
A. Yes! This is an all-ages event, and children under 12 are free. We’ll have lots of games on site for both kids and adults to enjoy (badminton, Frisbee, giant Jenga, etc.). There is also an ice cream truck.

Q. Are dogs allowed?
A. Nope. Dogs generally don’t do well with loud music, plus it can get really hot on the farm. And if they get drunk and start aggressively flirting, it can be an unwelcome distraction.

Q. Will I need cash?
A. Yes, but we may be able to do cash back from our Interac machine in the brewery’s retail store. There’s also an RBC in Bath. Best to bring plenty of cash with you.

Q. Can I bring my own drinks?
A. You can’t bring booze. We’ll have lots. We will have a water truck on site, so you can bring a non-glass water bottle.  Anything else is fine, as long as it’s sealed when you get here.

Q. Will you have non-beer options?
A. Yes! We will have cider (the boozy kind) and wine from some of our good friends in Prince Edward County. Our food vendors will have a variety of pop drinks and such for sale as well.

Q. Can my band perform/can I be a vendor?
A. We’re booked right up for music and generally take care of finding acts on our own, but we wouldn’t get angry if you still feel the need to give us a suggestion.  Food and/or craft vendors can get in touch here.

Q. What else should I bring?
A. We mentioned cash, right? And a water bottle (not made of glass)? Otherwise, check the weather and bring gear accordingly. We’re doing this rain or shine! Definitely bring lots of sunscreen, nice friends, good ideas, and maybe a lawn chair or picnic blanket. But lawn chairs aren’t allowed near the stage. No one can party hard while sitting down.

Q. What else can’t I bring?
A. We already told you about alcohol, pets, and glassware, but you also can’t bring bad attitudes, weapons, uncomfortable shoes, and bad drunks. Bicycles or skateboards or any other type of non-foot transportation is both impractical and not allowed on the festival grounds.


9 thoughts on “ABOUT / FAQ

  1. Hi there! Just wondering if there’s any restrictions on bag size? I’m not planning on hauling a suitcase or anything, just a small backpack. But I wanted to ensure that would be cool.



  2. can we leave the site and come back? What if we have our friends tickets and they are arriving at a different time, can we get out to give them theirs?


    • The umbrella is probably fine, as long as you don’t block anyone’s line of sight and stay way back from the stage.
      It’ll be up to the gate staff’s discretion about the cooler and water. We have a huge truck full of free water, and it’s way tastier and less wasteful than bottled water, so we’d prefer you took advantage of that.


      • Thanks Chris! On board with you on your comments and suggestions. We’ll forego the cooler and I will just bring a couple of unopened bottles as medication I take leaves me with a very dry mouth. Will have a plastic refillable container (Empty) that I can fill up after the two bottles are gone…or after the gate staff takes them whichever comes first. Looking forward to seeing the place as it will be our first time. Driving because my wife is favoring a bad back so hope there will still be lots of parking available.


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