All the planning in the world doesn’t matter if a bunch of jerks show up. Thank you for being great! We do it for you. We love you all. See you on Aug 19, 2018.



We are out of tickets, and there will NOT be any for sale at the gate. Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets, and sorry to those who were planning on coming but haven’t bought yet.
Please do not get on the bus unless you already have a ticket.
Thank you, and see you tomorrow!

Ticket sales update

Ticket sales are going very well and there is a very good possibility we will set out in advance. There are still lots of tickets available, but if you’re planning on coming, avoid the potential for disappointment and get your tickets now
If we end up having tickets for sale at the gate, they will most likely NOT include the mug.
If you can’t purchase in advance for some reason, keep an eye on our Facebook page and this for updates on ticket availability.

Our 2017 festival beer

At Back to the Farm 2015, we introduced Red Fox.
At Back to the Farm 2016, we introduced Brothers House Ale.
At Back to the Farm 2017, we are happy to introduce Absinthe Wheat Ale.
This juicy number is the latest instalment in the MacKinnon Brothers 100% farm grown series. Crafted in a Belgian Wheat Style with our own unique spin, we used three different grains: wheat, barley and oats as the malt base and replaced more traditional spices with fruity Mackinac hops and potent herbs from our absinthe garden. These ingredients blend to create a symphony of flavours. An aroma of lemon drop is apparent from the first sip and is followed by a freshness from the hyssop and wormwood that will keep you going back for more. It pairs well with spicy food or served as a refreshing drink on a hot summer day!
We’ll have lots of beer for you this year – details here!

Things to do that aren’t drinking, eating, and listening to music …

Just in case eight breweries (plus cider and wine), 15+ food trucks, and 11 bands aren’t enough to entertain you, we have lots more going on:
Improbable Escapes will have a short 10 – 15 minute game on site
– Classic arcade games from Barcadia
– Graffiti wall
– giant “Jenga”
– foosball
– badminton
– frisbee
– ladder toss

PLUS a bunch of incredible craft vendors and more!